Sunday, June 10, 2012

Welcome to bloom! 
I'm so happy you have stopped by for a visit. My hope is that you find some tidbit to entertain or intrigue you while you are here, that you'll share a comment and come back often!

Grab a coffee and pull up a chair, here's my story...
Mine is not unlike many other 30something women. I was in the corporate world making my mark and then started a family. I took 1 look into those beautiful blue eyes and knew I couldn't leave him with someone else while I returned to work each day. I was blessed to have a husband whose Mom stayed home and he encouraged me to give it a try!!  When my son was 4 months old, I felt I needed an outlet for my creative spirit and began my Avon adventure! That was 20 years ago!! 

bloom was born as a place to help women (and a few good men!) launch a small business with the direct selling template. I chose Avon as I was an Avon Mom was a Rep when I was a kid! I loved the lipstick bullets, the beautiful catalogs, and  the way she smelled as she left the house to make sales calls with her amazing blue sales bag! It was the 60's and her clients would invite her for coffee and cookies while they perused the new brochure. She often wore a hat and gloves and always looked like a million bucks to me! She told about the ladies and their purchases. I always thought it sounded like so much fun, and all these years later, it is!

Avon offers an opportunity to start a small business without the overhead of a traditional store. They pay the advertising, publish the catalog and fill my orders. I enjoy the freedom of flexible hours, unlimited earnings and running my own business without the stress of a brick and mortar store! The best of all worlds for me.

Visit often to hear about the latest sales and promotions! I'm excited you are interested in making your dreams come true with Avon and happy to help you on your path to success!

Enjoy!  Val