Monday, November 21, 2016

Holiday Makeup video!

As you consider the Holiday parties and gatherings that start this week-end, I thought you may enjoy this video.  Click the link to watch!
The classic Red Lip is something every woman, every age should have in her dressing table tool kit. Here is a lovely and simple way to achieve a stunning look that makes you relaxed and ready for the festivities!  Enjoy,  Val

Sunday, November 20, 2016

A brighter & warmer day...

This summer I wandered through an amazing Botanical Garden and Conservatory at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. Time stood still as I enjoyed and admired the work of 120 gardners & staff it takes to keep this beauty looking perfect for the thousand of visitors daily.
This show was titled Under the Sea 2016 and represented the many creatures & scenes found in the deep. With the flowers and mosaics, they are stunning!

You could spend all day in this space and never take in it's detail~

SO many shells! The patience of a saint in this work. 

This picture does little to convey the light and texture of the glass flowers at the ceiling. It is truly breathtaking and a marvel. As so many things in Las Vegas are about the lights and night-life, this is an amazing adventure in the light of day~
The show changes seasonally and reflect the theme in plants & art. Head to the Bellagio's website to catch the Fall & Thanksgiving edition.

Hope you have enjoyed this Summer trip to the Sea on this cold, windy WI day in Nov.

Friday, November 11, 2016

My November Birthday is coming!!

Wow, we sure have been blesses with amazing weather in WI for November!
I can't remember the last time my Birthday also brought blooming Pansies!

I've been using our Countdown Calendar from the Avon Living Magalog to enjoy a candy each day until my Birthday!  I could get used to that kind of treat everyday!!  There must always be something you're counting down to, Right!?!
Enjoy!!  Val

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

RepFest 2016!

Did a little traveling this summer! One of the stops was Las Vegas and the 2016 Avon RepFest!! Avon has always known how to throw an awesome party, but this one was truly special. Products for 4th quarter, speakers and general sessions and lots of inspiration! Come with me...
MGM sure knows how to work those lights and sound! Of course the Grammy's and huge events here are everyday at this special place!!
 Treated to a concert from American Authors!  "Best Day of my Life" was a huge sing-along!!
 Rhonda & I hanging out at the Avon Living Holiday Magalog set at the amazing Product expo!! SO many beautiful things coming for Holiday this year, my Open House is going to be easy to choose the best of the's EVERYTHING!
 Suze Orman gave a spine-tingling and empowering key note!  Her Mom sold Avon when she was a girl in Chicago. This is her 2nd affiliation with Avon and sure had some powerful words to get us taking care of biz and our money!
One of the highlights for me was meeting Betty Palm, Avon's new President.
She is elegant and articulate. I was thrilled she took time for a photo.

So, more to come cause I have tons of pictures and info on upcoming products and programs.
 So many of you knew I had gone and had asked to see a scoop!  Talk soon,   Val

Monday, May 30, 2016

Do you have an accountability partner?

 Everyone needs a buddy! Someone that knows you. Someone that knows your dreams, goals and the things you struggle with. She loves you anyway!
Debra and I have been Avon buddies for several years and we have been though a lot together. Sometimes the personal takes a front seat and sometimes it's only business, but it is such a gift to have her in my life.

Here we are at the most recent President's Club Recognition Gala celebrating 2015! 
She keeps me moving forward, doesn't adore ALL my ideas and is so generous with her big heart and spirit. I'm truly blessed to know her.

Do you have someone in your biz that tells you the truth?
Is it something you could aspire to add?
Believe me, it's a wonderful tool in your arsonal of biz builders...choose wisely, put in quality time and you'll reap amazing benefits.

Enjoy,  Val

Monday, March 28, 2016

Spring has sprung!

Even the simpliest treasures look better when dolled up!
I took some basic Fragrance Talc & Skin Softners and glammed them up in pretty floral gift bags. Something nice, even if it's just a treat for you!!
Some pink bunnies hold key chains. 

Are you traveling this spring?
This pretty little rose egg holds TSA approved travel day & night cream with a coordinating cleanser. Spring skincare looking spiffy!

The new Avon Lifestyle magalog has a beautiful lantern/vase with great rope detail. You could change the fill with the seasons and as long as it's a flameless candle, have fun in any season!

The bunny gets a close up! Smile!

The next time you have a special occassion like a BFF Birthday or Baby shower consider how the packaging will tie into the fun of opening even a simple bracelet. I love Pinterest for ideas on crafting little tags, bags and wrap. What's your favorite way to gift???