Friday, October 26, 2012

It's Halloween Week!

I think it stems from my youth in an apartment complex of 15 buildings with 32 apartments in each, that inspires my love of Halloween! I was only 8 when my Mom and I moved from a huge home in Canada to a 1 bedroom apartment. Money for candy and extras was not an option. THEN here comes this amazing HOLIDAY where they just give it to ya! I don't remember even knocking on doors or saying a thing but I DO remember the Grocery Kraft Sack being stuffed to the brim with chocolate and sugary goodness!! Sad! But, fun! I was allowed to go with a group of older kids (with no adults) out into the windy, dark night. Cold wasn't a factor even in WI as we just flew from building to building racing to get it all accomplished by the deadline... HOME by 7!! We only paused to quickly inhale loot! Really sad, but fun!!!

 If you celebrate this Holiday (the 2nd most popular following Christmas), stop by my Facebook Fan page for some extra recipes, projects and treats just for you! Search Avon-ValW and you'll find a lovely Candy Corn cookie that may just make your family happy!!

 Enjoy, Val
Our "Coach" pumpkin tribute to PINTEREST!!  Super fun and a great way to use those amazing Kane Co. Flea Market pieces just laying around!!  What will you create with your Pumpkin this year???