Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Do you want a vacuum or jewelry? I can help!

Mother's Day is on the way. I'm reaching out to you extra early to try to help! Help you to get some beautiful treasure you truly want!  I'm worried about the number of my lovely, feminine clients that get vacuums, car wash gift cards and towels for the day their families are meant to celebrate them! Is this you? Do you have a Prince Charming 364 other days of the year but a Homer Simpson on May 10th? You, my friend are not alone!
We have some lovely Jewelry pieces to add to your fresh Spring wardrobe! This Birth Flower Pendant represents the month you were born and is very pretty! $7.99 Pictured is June (rose).
If you love to cook, how about this beautiful Pasta bowl? It can sit on your counter with Tomatoes and Basil until your Spaghetti is ready to serve! $19.99

SO, what's a girl to do???
Reach out to my email and I'll hook you up! I'll send a Mom's Day Dream kit by post to your door. You can shop the brochure, experience the samples and make a wish list that I'll make sure lands in the right hands... Even Homer will get the message, I promise!
Your sweetest expression of how much they love their Mom is in your future!!
Enjoy, Val