Saturday, December 26, 2015

The gifts are unwrapped, the calories consumed and here you are with the Holiday behind you.
Are you relieved it went off without a hitch? Your daughter loved all that was selected and you don't actually have to set foot into a store today to stand in that return line? Your cookies were delicious, recipes requested and are all out of your houseso today you start eating like you know you should? Or, are you like the rest of us; bone tired, reaching for a peanut butter ball as you scramble for the receipts you'll need today to return that bathrobe Aunt Sally didn't want? Whatever your holiday looked like, my wish for you today is peace. Peace to say, I gave my all. Peace to remember the hearts you touched with your goodness and the peace to enjoy the lights, music and yes even another PB Ball. Peace, my friend.  Val XX