Sunday, November 20, 2016

A brighter & warmer day...

This summer I wandered through an amazing Botanical Garden and Conservatory at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. Time stood still as I enjoyed and admired the work of 120 gardners & staff it takes to keep this beauty looking perfect for the thousand of visitors daily.
This show was titled Under the Sea 2016 and represented the many creatures & scenes found in the deep. With the flowers and mosaics, they are stunning!

You could spend all day in this space and never take in it's detail~

SO many shells! The patience of a saint in this work. 

This picture does little to convey the light and texture of the glass flowers at the ceiling. It is truly breathtaking and a marvel. As so many things in Las Vegas are about the lights and night-life, this is an amazing adventure in the light of day~
The show changes seasonally and reflect the theme in plants & art. Head to the Bellagio's website to catch the Fall & Thanksgiving edition.

Hope you have enjoyed this Summer trip to the Sea on this cold, windy WI day in Nov.