Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ding Dong, Click Click~

Avon has changed. And yet not so much!
My Mom sold Avon when I was a kid. I'd come home from school and wait out by the garage for her big Mercury to round the long curved drive. She looked beautiful in her heels and the scent of perfume lingered in each room she visited. The big blue case filled with magical lotions and potions captivated me. I'd reach for the brightest pop of color and she would gently steer my hand to the soft pink. "This shade would look so pretty, Valorie." and with that my heart would swell. The gloss came in a plastic Oreo-shaped case. My fingers always ended up sticky with lip goo,  but she would take a tissue and sweetly smile as she cleaned up the wayward gloss making it a perfect cupids bow.

She was an elegant woman and Avon was a lovely fit for her gentle style. Her days of sharing her opinion on shades for each woman at their kitchen table over coffee, were mingled with quiet conversation and laughter. She'd come home with a story about Janet's son and a new recipe and I'd think, "You have the greatest job, Mama!".

Fast forward to my own business which this month celebrates 22 years! My days are sprinkled with visits at kitchen tables but many days find me dropping packages at offices, meeting new Reps at the local McDonald's and keeping in touch electronically. We still have lipstick bullets! AND I never miss an opportunity to share a soft pink lipgloss with a wide-eyed young lady! Some Things change. But Thankfully, not all!

I love this new bag and the sentiment that applies to me today!  Enjoy,  Val