Tuesday, October 13, 2015

One of those secrets...

As I work with Women, I notice they fall into 2 catagories when it comes to their appearance and personal style.
1. Those women that get ready, get set and go &
2. Those women that actively try throughout the day to maintain their look.

If you get ready for the day and never consider reaching for a comb or lipstick again, this post is not for you...shut the link and move along!

If you are the 2nd catagory, I have a secret for you!!

This beautiful compact is a life saver for touching up and maintaining.
 The ANEW Reversalist Express Wrinkle Smoother

is like magic for adding just that little something we all need mid-day to keep us going...
like a latte for your face, I guess!
Carry it in your handbag and pat over makeup.

The cream to powder formula doesn't add color but has a light diffuser that smooths any imperfections you have. It also adds Tri-Elastinex so it treats those tiny lines and wrinkles.
The awesome case is mirrored so you can use it for your lipstick inspection too!

A small secret to help you stay beautiful today!
Enjoy,  Val