Monday, October 19, 2015

It is time!

The week has arrived! Up to now, I have merely played with Halloween! A few orange lights, some pumpkin spice latte with a graham cracker know, the fall stuff! But my fave holiday is right around the corner and it's finally time! 
When you are a "retail person" you get accustomed to living in the future. It doesn't really bother me that Christmas trees are now set up in stores along side backpacks and pencils in September. But, there are people that really don't understand that, and I respect that.

 Walking the line between excitement and restraint is hard! A girl that is as passionate about the holidays as I am needs to respect the boundaries and that means my enjoyment is usually private. Like, that In Sept. I hide Holiday M&M's in all their fabulous fall colors so I have them on hand for Halloween popcorn balls. Or, eat candy corn until my teeth hurt to get my initial fix! Snack mix suddlenly includes dried apples and candy pumpkins. I am hooked!
 When you see an vintage bird cage in February and KNOW how great it would look on your porch with stuffed crows and a NEVERMORE sign, you qualify!

  I have lovingly collected jewels for each season and holiday and last year took the plunge and dedicated a jewelry box to my Halloween/Thanksgiving/Fall stash! It makes me so happy to open the lid and peek at the jewels folks have given me over the years and my current Avon additions! I'll tell you that people don't truly notice your watch has floating bats in the face. You can wear it happily all month! Or go ahead and wrap a cat charm bracelet around the top of your Halloween feather tree!
The Holiday is approaching! What will you do to get ready? Are you a scary, bump-in-the-night fan or just someone that thinks orange isn't used nearly enough today? Share your halloween thoughts in the comments...I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in my fixation with the black cats and candy corn!! Enjoy,  Val