Wednesday, August 31, 2016

RepFest 2016!

Did a little traveling this summer! One of the stops was Las Vegas and the 2016 Avon RepFest!! Avon has always known how to throw an awesome party, but this one was truly special. Products for 4th quarter, speakers and general sessions and lots of inspiration! Come with me...
MGM sure knows how to work those lights and sound! Of course the Grammy's and huge events here are everyday at this special place!!
 Treated to a concert from American Authors!  "Best Day of my Life" was a huge sing-along!!
 Rhonda & I hanging out at the Avon Living Holiday Magalog set at the amazing Product expo!! SO many beautiful things coming for Holiday this year, my Open House is going to be easy to choose the best of the's EVERYTHING!
 Suze Orman gave a spine-tingling and empowering key note!  Her Mom sold Avon when she was a girl in Chicago. This is her 2nd affiliation with Avon and sure had some powerful words to get us taking care of biz and our money!
One of the highlights for me was meeting Betty Palm, Avon's new President.
She is elegant and articulate. I was thrilled she took time for a photo.

So, more to come cause I have tons of pictures and info on upcoming products and programs.
 So many of you knew I had gone and had asked to see a scoop!  Talk soon,   Val