Thursday, December 4, 2014

You are taking care of everyone else, working like crazy to put together a lovely holiday for others and generally living that frantic December life! I don't know a woman getting a restful night sleep!
Let me add my 2cents here.
You have permission to slow down! I know it's silly, but I also so appreciate a friend that gives me that advise so here goes!

A cup of warm, fragrant tea enjoyed in a porcelain cup is not an luxury. Sitting quietly and enjoying your children in front of the beautiful Tree is a memory you will have forever. Stepping into the shower and enjoying the golden goodness that is Luxurious Bliss Skin So Soft will start your day in a slow and special way. The warm amber liquid is aroma therapy that also scents your bathroom when you are done! Add the body cream and Spray oil and you will feel the luxury that comes with taking time just for you.
Slow down, take a minute for grace and enjoy your day!  Val